Friday, June 15, 2012

Parupu Rasam (Dal rasam or Lentil soup)

        Parupu (lentil) rasam is very easy to make. It's a simple dish with lot of flavor. We can have it by itself or have it with white rice. I cannot forget those rainy day's when our family have this with rice, drumstick or potato porial, egg omelette and pappadam. I miss those day's....Love you mom :)
dal rasam
Parupu rasam
2 tbs       thoor dal/ thuvaram parupu
2            tomato (medium)                        
1 tsp      tamarind paste      
1/4 tsp   turmeric powder 

To crush:
1 tsp        cumin 
1 tsp        pepper  
3 cloves  garlic 

To season:

1 tsp         mustard seeds
1tsp          cumin seeds
1 pinch     asafoetida 
1 handful  cilantro-chopped
3 whole     red chilli
few            curry leaves 


Prepare dal/parupu and tomato:
1. Cook the toordal with turmeric with enough water.
2. When the dal/parupu water starts to boil add the whole tomato to it, after few mins, take the tomatoes out, peel it and make it into a soft pulp.       
3. Mash the cooked dal/parupu when it's done and keep it aside.

Prepare spice:         
Crush cumin, pepper and garlic coarsely.

To temper:   
1. Heat(med/low) oil in a pan, add mustard seeds after it splutters, add cumin seed and red chilli.
2. Add asafoetida/hing, the crushed cumin, pepper and garlic mix. 
3. Add curry leaves and cilantro leaves stir for few mins.
4. Add the tomato pulp, dal, tamarind and add 2 cups of water.
5. Add salt to taste, switch off, when it's about to boil.

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This rasam will pair nicely with:

1. Karunai kizangu Varuval -Suran Fry 
2. Murungaikai Poriyal-Drumstick fry-Saragwa subji 
3. Mutton kola Urundai
4. Beef Curry - Beef Sukka
Dal and the ingredients to season
Tomato pulp
crush pepper,garlic and cumin coarsely...
cooked and mashed dal parupu...
parupu rasam
temper with cumin, mustard, methi seeds, curry leaves and red chilli
parupu rasam
Parupu rasam ready!




Thursday, June 14, 2012

Sweet Rava Iddly/Innipu iddly

        Rava iddly or innippu iddly reminds me of my sweet sister (the undisputed queen of this sweet). Her innipu iddly is very famous. We expect (!) her to make this whenever we visit her. The secret of this soft delicious iddly is the batter. In warmer climates we can make this batter within hoursMy recipe link for this rava iddly batter is at the bottom of this post. 
soft and fluffy iddly
soft and fluffy iddly

rava iddly batter -2cups
sugar                   -1/2cup
nuts and raisins   -1/4cup 
coconut pieces    -1tbs
grated coconut    -1tbs
chop the nuts and raisins.

1. Mix all the ingredients well.
2. Apply oil to the iddly mold.
3. Take 1 ladle of batter and pour in the mold.
4. Place the cooker filled with water in the stove.
5. Stack the iddly molds inside the cooker and cover it with lid.
6. Switch off the stove when the steam comes out. 
7. Serve it with pudina/mint chutney.

Tips for tasteAddinmashed banana to the batter will give it an unique taste.

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                                                                              ENJOY :)   

Batter recipe: Rava Iddly Batter /rava dosa
perfect iddly batter
brimming perfect batter
innipu iddly
chopped nuts,coconut,sugar and dry fruits



Rava Idli Batter/Rava Dosa maavu

       Making iddly and dosa in India is easy as pie. Wet grind the grains, leave it over night and the next morning the batter will be brimming and ready to make dosa or iddly. We'll burn our self out making iddly and dosa in US. Temperature plays a big role in the fermentation of the batter. I googled and tried the tips: I kept the batter in the oven with lights on and even tied my daughter's woolen scarf around the container following one suggestion.

Fool proof method for a good batter in cold weatherOne day i made the batter in the morning ( kept it in an airtight plastic container) and placed it near the stove and cooked for the day. The next day i was so surprised to see the brimming batter with that familiar soft sour smell :) Now i'm doing the same routine: make the batter, keep it near my cooking space before i start to cook, enjoy a nice breakfast the next morning.

dosa batter
iddly batter
2 cups              rava            
2 cups              rice               
1 cup               urud dal      
1/2 tsp             fenugreek/ methi seed 
1. Soak rava in water for 4 hrs.
2. Wash the rice and soak it in water for 4 hrs.
3. Wash the urud dal and soak in water along with *fenugreek seeds for 4 hrs.
4. Put the soaked rava with little water in the grinder and grind till in becomes smooth-10 mins. Take out the batter.
5. Wash the rice one more time, add some water with rice and grind till it's smooth-take the rice batter in between the fingers: it's texture should be between nice rava paste and cake batter. 
6. Take the rice batter out. Wash the urud dal with methi seeds,add some water and grind it to a fine paste-should be smooth like cake batter.
7. Mix all the three batter, Add 2 tsp of salt with little water and mix it with hand.
8. Pour the batter in an airtight container and keep it near the stove during the cooking.
9. The next day mix the raised batter well and check for salt, add water if needed.

*fenugreek should be added only with the urud dal.

 This batter is very versatile, we can make a variety of food with this batter: sweet and spicy rava iddly, rava dosa, kuzi paniyaram.

Thanks for taking the time to visit my blog. If you try this recipe, please comment on it. I like to hear how it came out.
Some recipes for rava batter:

1. Sweet Rava Iddly-Inipu Iddly 

2. Sweet Rava Dosai-Inipu dosai 

3. Spicy Paniyaram- Kara Paniyaram

....... keep it near stove. 
iddly batter
Rava iddly batter

Watermelon Rind Chutney(tarbuj ka chutney)

       One of summer's gift to the world is watermelon. We all know it as a thirst quencher loaded with antioxidants, but most of us dispose the rind (the white part between the the green outer husk and the red inner fruitwithout knowing it has nutritional value too. We can use it in our cooking as salads, chutney/ dip/ spread and in moru kuzambu/ spiced buttermilk. Slice only the white part from the green rind.

watermelon rind recipe
awesome chutney
2 cups  rind - cubed                   
2 tsp    red chili                               
2 tsp    urud dal or 10 cooked/ canned garbanzo beans 
1          tomato-medium                         
1 tsp     lemon juice/tamarind paste                        
10        cilantro (coriander leaves)                                       
1clove  garlic (optional)                                         
Salt      to taste                                
1 tbs     oil  
1Dry the garbanzo beans in a towel.
2Heat oil in a pan and add red chili and garlic, fry it till it's crispy. 
3Add garbanzo beans/urud dal, stir it well.
4Now add the watermelon rind and fry for few mins.
5Add the chopped cilantro and stir, till it becomes wilted.       
6Add the chopped tomato and cook until it's well blended.
7Add lemon juice/tamarind paste and cook till it becomes dry, add salt.
8Grind the mixture in a blender/mixer.
9Transfer it into a bowl.
vegan chutney
watermelon rind
Tips for taste:
*We can get Urud dal(black lentil) and tamarind paste in any Indian grocery store. 
*This pairs well with iddly, dosa, chappathi/flat bread or as a dip for pita chips. This is a vegan dishGarbanzo bean is chickpea in India.

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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Berry Compote With Goat Cheese Cream

         I love to browse the food section, of our local newspaper. It's a weekly treat  for me to look, at the nice food pictures and  recipes with seasonal fruits and veggies in it. This time of the year it's loaded with recipes with berries and cherries. This one has blueberry and goat cheese cream.
berry compote
berry compote with goat cheese cream

For cream cheese:
2 cups      milk                      
3               egg yolks              
1/2 cup     granulated sugar  
2 tbs         cornstarch            
1/2 cup     fresh goat cheese 
1/2 tsp      vanilla extract       
1/2 tsp      salt  
Berry compote:
2 cups      fresh blueberry     
1/2 cup    lemon juice           
2 tbs        granulated sugar    
fresh mint or basil leaves for serving  
To make goat cheese cream:
1. Pour the milk into a large saucepan and heat over high/med setting.
2. Whisk together the yolks, sugar, salt and cornstarch in a separate bowl until evenly mixed.
3. When the mix is hot, gradually pour the yolk mixture whisking constantly, until its smooth.
4. Pour the mixture back into the pan and cook whisking constantly, until it boils and thickens.
5. Turn off the heat and crumble in goat cheese.
6. Let sit for a minute to soften the cheese, then whisk well until it's smooth.
7. Whisk in the vanilla and set aside.

To make compote:

1. In a saucepan in medium/high heat add the berries,lemon juice and sugar.
2. Cook until berries start to pop and juice thickens(about 5 mins).
3. Ladle the goat cheese cream into serving dishes then top a spoonful of compote.
4. Chill and serve cold.garnish with fresh mint leaves.

Thanks for taking the time to visit my blog. If you try this recipe, please comment on it. I like to hear how it came out.
                                               ENJOY :)
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