Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Mutton kola urundai(keema balls,kofta balls)

This is an excellent appetizer. It can be paired with mint chutney.
kofta balls
mutton kola urundai

 1/2 kg(1lb) minced meat 
 1               egg
 1/4 cup   *shallots
 1 tsp         ginger garlic paste
 1/4 tsp      turmeric powder
 1 tsp         chilli powder
 tsp         garam masala
 tbsp       cornstarch
 salt           to taste

chop the *shallots (small onions)

To grind:    

3           green chillies.                  
1/4 tsp  fennel seed.
1/2 tsp  poppy seed/kasa kasa.
1. Grind green chillies, fennel and poppy seed coarsely.
2. In a mixing bowl, mix all the ingredients except egg,
   corn starch and breadcrumbs.
3. Heat a oil in a pan and cook till the meat turns brown,
   and the meat becomes dry (check for salt).   
4. Drain any excess liquid, in a paper towel lined strainer.
5. Transfer the meat in a mixing bowl, add egg to it, mix it well,
   now add the the corn starch and mix it thoroughly.   
6. Take a tbls spoon of meat mixture and make it into a round  
7. Roll the balls in bread crumbs and fry it in oil. Remove in a slotted spoon.
8. Place it in a paper towel for some time, transfer it to a serving bowl and enjoy. 
Tips to taste:
1. We can buy bread crumbs in any store.
2. For home made bread crumbs:
Toast (both sides) of a bread slice in a pan, remove it when it turns brown. Let it cool, shread it into pieces and blend it till it becomes fine crumbs.
3. Beef or goat meat can be substituted with minced chicken or turkey meat.
4. Shallots are small onions.   
          Thanks for taking the time to visit my blog. If you try this recipe, Feel free to comment, i love your feedback. Enjoy ur cooking! Have a blessed day :)                                                


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