Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Vellari kai Chutney(Cucumber dip)

vellari kai chutney
Vellarikai chutney
           Our  friend invited us for dinner during the weekend.I had a good harvest of cucumbers this year from my garden. So i took a few for her. She already prepared iddly, sambar, chutney and she was in process of making dosa for us. She was glad when she saw the cucumbers i brought, she gave me the dosa batter and asked me to continue making the dosas and she started peeling the cucumber to make cucumber chutney, she made it very quickly. It tasted really yummy.
       This is a simple recipe which i tried and it came out well. It is so versatile, it can be used as a dip for chips, vada or as a spread for crackers and bread.
a. wash the cucumber and peel it.
b. then slice it length wise and remove all the seeds.
c. dry it in a towel and cut it into small cubes.
1cup       cubed cucumber                    
1tsp       coconut                                  
3-4         red chilli                             
1tsp        urud dal/garbanzo beans       
1/4 tsp    tamarind pulp/lemon juice  
few         curry leaves                  

 add or reduce red chilli according to preference.


1. Heat oil in a pan,add urud dal when it turns into a golden shade, add red chillies and stir it till it becomes crispy. 
2. Now add the curry leaves, coconut and the cucumber pieces. Fry for a few more minutes.
3. Add the tamarind pulp/lemon juice.

4. Add salt to taste.
5. Grind it in a blender/mixer.
6. Transfer it into a bowl.

Tips for taste:

1. If using canned garbanzo beans dry it before using.
2. To make it as a dip or a spread add cream cheese to it. 

Thanks for taking the time to visit my blog. If you try this recipe, please comment on it. I like to hear how it came out.

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