Welcome to my blog! I'm Neela. I love to cook and serve my culinary delights. It's fun working in the beautiful world of spices, colors, flavours and textures. My food connoisseur family enjoys all my food creations. After my marriage i cooked the same way as my mom cooked (S.Tamilnadu style) with lots of spices and coconut. My love for cooking increased after we moved to US. The place we stayed initially had a very big Indian community. We enjoyed a lot of get togethers, potlucks, birthdays and babyshowers, that's when i tasted all the different foods from other parts of India and varied cuisines from different areas of my own state. I enjoyed food from other countries and the awesome American cusine.
                I like to share my recipes and try out new ones. I'm doing this blog for my precious daughter who started cooking (pretend) when she was just 2 yrs old. She always wanted to help me in the kitchen by picking up all the onion and veg-peels and adding it to her cooking. She loves to cook, i have to chase her out of the kitchen and make her finish the schoolwork. Now she's all grown up but still has the same passion for cooking. I'm very proud of her. This blog is for her, her loving (sweet darlings) cousin sisters and to other foodies who may find this helpful in their culinary journey. I have added some tips and tricks too. You can share your tips too. If you try any of my recipes, feel free to comment on it. I love your feedback. Enjoy ur cooking! Have a blessed day :)

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