Friday, June 8, 2012

Spicy chicken grilled in foil

           It's officially summer now. Who needs an  alarm clock when we have: the (v.sneaky) sun light pouring through the closed curtains or shades and the chirping of the lil birds trying to wake up the neighborhood...lovely sight of honeybees and butterflies flying around the roses, the hum of the lawn mowers competing with kids laughter...precisely manicured lawns, the colorful china wares on display in stores, cool shades and flip flops, RVs and ice cream trucks.....the lists goes on and on. yet my most favorite sight, smell and taste of summer is: the GRILL. 
grilled chicken
Chicken grilled in foil
          I tried this recipe this weekend it came out really good.I'm planning to make a few packs of this moist flavorful chicken whenever we grill and keep it in the freezer.

This recipe is for 2 people.
Prep time: 15 mins.
Cooking time: 45 Mins

Chicken drummettes *                 -6 
Red onion   (medium, sliced)       -1
Red bell pepper         (sliced)      -1/2
Tomato        (medium,sliced)       -1
Cilantro/coriander leaves             -10 sprig
Yogurt/curd                                -1tbs
Ginger-garlic paste                     -2tsp
Chili powder                               -2tsp or to taste
Any chicken seasoning(optional) -1tsp
Cooking oil                                 -1 tbs
Salt                                             -to taste

*Fleshy part of a chicken wing.

1. Combine chicken with yogurt, chili powder, ginger-garlic paste, chicken seasoning and salt and keep it aside.
2. Line a sheet of foil paper: with half the onions, tomatoes, bell pepper and cilantro.
3. Place the chicken over it and Pour the oil all over the chicken.
4. Cover it with the remaining onion, bell pepper, tomatoes and cilantro.
5. Wrap the foil loosely to form a packet. 
6. Grill it  for 45 mins turning it once.

Tips for taste:
It's very easy to make. We can make the parcel, put it on grill and forget about it.

Thanks for taking the time to visit my blog. If you try this recipe, please comment on it. I like to hear how it came out.

spicy chicken
chicken ready to be gtrlled
Chicken pack in the grill
spicy grilled chicken
foil packed chicken
chicken on a grill
Tasty chicken
                                            ENJOY :)




Pudina Chutney/Mint Chutney

   This mint chutney pairs well with south indian dishes like iddly, dosa and vada. This version has coconut in it and it will go with roti too. The mint i used in this dish is from my garden.
mint chutny
Pudina leaves
2 handful    mint leaves
1 med         tomato            
3                 green chili        
1/4 tsp        turmeric pwdr 
2 tbs           onion-chopped               
2 tbs           coconut            
1/2 tsp        urud dal           
1/4 tsp        tamarind pste
1clove        garlic         
1tbs            oil                   
salt             to taste.
chili pwdr  to taste (optional)

Chop the mint leaves.
mint dip
Mint chutney
1. Heat the oil in the pan and add urud dal and fry till it gets a golden shade.
2. Add the chopped green chili and onion and fry till the onion becomes soft, add garlic.
3. Reduce the heat then add turmeric powder and chili pwdr add the diced tomato, and fry till it's well blended, add the coconut.
4. Add the mint leaves and toss it around until they are incorporated into the mixture.
5. Now add the tamarind paste(or 1/4 tsp of lemon juice) and salt.
6. Stir it well until the mint leaves starts to welt and the raw smell no longer remain.
7. Remove from pan and grind it in a blender/mixture till it becomes a fine smooth paste.
pudins chutney
Mint chutney
             Thanks for taking the time to visit my blog. If you try this recipe, please comment on it. I like to hear how it came out.
                                            Enjoy :)

Cabbage porial (kose poriyal/ Patta gobhi mattar subzi)

    This dish is very easy to make. It's very mild and will go well with any spicy main dish.
patta gobi mattar subzi
cabbage and peas poriyal

cabbage       3cups
onion           1/2 (small)          
green chili    1
green Peas    1/2 cup
coconut         2 tbs 
Asafoetida     1 pinch 

urud dhal        1/2 tsp
mustard seeds 1/2 tsp
red chillies     2(small)
curry leaves    4 to 5
salt                  to taste
oil                   1/2 tbs

Shred the cabbage and slice the onion thinly.                                                            

1. Heat the oil in a pan and add urud dal and fry till it becomes light brown in color.
2. Add the mustard seeds (it should splutter).
3. Add the red chili and curry leaves.
4. Add the onion and fry it till it turns 
   golden brown.
5. Now add the cabbage, peas, coconut and asafoetida.
6. Lower the heat and cover the pan (can add a tsp of water if needed) and cook till the cabbage is soft and crisp.
7. Add salt to taste.

Tips to taste:
1. Add salt in the end to retain the color of cabbage.
2. Masala lovers can grind the coconut and green chili and add it to the cabbage.
kose poriyal
urud dal and mustard seeds

Thanks for taking the time to visit my blog. If you try this recipe, please comment on it. I like to hear how it came out.