Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Grapes raita/grapes pachadi.

grapes in yogurt
Grapes Raita
 1                cucumber   
1 cup          grapes (sliced)      
1/4 cup       red onion/ shallots
2 tsp           walnuts
1 cup          yogurt/curd  
2 pinch       powdered cumin
1 pinch       chilli powder  
Salt             to taste.

1. Wash, peel and cut cucumber length wise, remove the seeds,dry it in a paper towel and cut into small pieces.
grapes raita
ingredients for raita
2. Slice the grapes, if it's bigger in size quarter it.
3. Cut the onion into fine small pieces.
4. The size of the onion, grapes and cucumber should be uniform.
5. Add the yogurt and the nuts to it. Mix it with a fork, Add salt to taste.
6. Garnish it by sprinkling cumin powder and chilli powder. 
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