Monday, October 15, 2012

How to Separate Eggs / Separate eggs with a plastic bottle

   Separating egg whites for a recipe is fun, as long as we do it without breaking the egg yolks. A small amount of fat from the egg yolk, will ruin some recipes. Eggs separate more easily when cold.
1. Use an egg separator.
2. Separate it with a plastic bottle (easiest and less messy)
3. Separate egg with half shell.

 Hold the egg firmly, tap the middle part of the egg, on the edge of a bowl or on the kitchen counter.   
Place both the thumbs near the crack and pull the shells apart.
1. Drain the egg through an egg separator. 
2. Separate the eggs with an empty, plastic water bottle.
  This is a fun and easy way to separate eggs. Gently place the mouth of the water bottle on the yolk. 
Squeeze the bottle in the middle and release it slowly....
The egg yolk will get pulled inside the bottle.   
To get the egg yolk, out of the bottle: Tilt the bottle over a plate, and gently press the bottle.... 
 the yolk will pop out. We can separate more than 2 yolks with the same bottle.

 3. Separate egg with the shell: Crack an egg and gently pull apart the shell, allowing some of the egg white to fall inside a bowl. 

Keep the yolk in one half of the shell, tilt the shell slightly and pass the yolk, back and forth between the shells without breaking the yolk.

Some of the recipes with egg whites: Berry Compote with Goat Cheese CreamPear SoufflesEgg and Cheese Stuffed Bell pepper .


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