Friday, August 3, 2012

Spicy Radish and Ginger pickle

         There is a Japanese restaurant near my husband's work place. They make some spicy and flavorful japanese curry sauce and add beef or vegetable to it, that's their only menu. They'll garnish the rice by placing a colorful radish pickle (Fukujin zuke) over it. Now it's become my husband's favorite pickle. I started to make the pickle, but was not able to get the purple perilla leaves that gives the pickle a bright pink color, so i seasoned the pickled radish with indian spices and made it into an indian spicy pickle.
1 bunch       round red radish
2                 jalapeno pepper or any big peppers
3"                ginger
1/2 cup        sliced carrots
1/2 tsp         salt
1/2 cup        white vinegar  
To season:
2 cloves       garlic - sliced
3                 red chillies
1/8 tsp         methi / fenugreek seeds / venthayam
1/2 tsp         mustard seeds / kadugu / rai
1/2 tsp         chilli powder
1/4 tsp         coriander powder
1/4 tsp         cumin powder
1 pinch        asafoetida 
1/4 tsp         turmeric
few              curry leaves 
6 tbs            oil - it acts as a preservative.
2 tsp            salt or to taste.

To pickle 
1. Wash and remove the leaves from the radish, trim the ends and slice it. 
2. Wash, dry and slice the radish, ginger, carrot and peppers.
3. Add salt to it, mix it well and put the salted vegetables in a strainer over a bowl for 2 hours.
4. Remove the vegetables from the strainer and add white vinegar to it. Pour this mixture in a dry glass container and refrigerate it for at least 24 hours, shake the bottle often to get all the pickle well coated with  the vinegar. 
To make relish: At this stage we can add some sugar to this pickle and use it as  relish in sandwich. 
To season:
1. Drain the liquid from the vegetable through a strainer.
2. Heat oil in a pan, add coriander seeds, when it splutters add methi seeds, red chillies and curry leaves.
3. When the curry leaves and red chillies become crispy, add the sliced garlic, lower the heat and add the chilli powder, coriander powder, cumin powder, asafoetida powder, turmeric and salt.
4. Cook for a few minutes till the masala gets incorporated with the oil, now add the drained vegetables with the masala and cook it for a few minutes, check for salt.
5. Transfer the pickle to a dry glass container and let it cool to the room temperature, close it tightly with the lid and refrigerate it.
6. Allow it to marinate in the masala at for least 10-12 hrs before serving, always use a dry spoon. 

Thanks for taking the time to visit my blog. If you try this recipe,  Feel free to comment, i love your feedback. Enjoy ur cooking! Hav a blessed day :)



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