Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Easy Carrot Halwa/ Gajar Ka Halwa

       My friend brought me a big bowl of carrot halwa a few months back, i'm not a big fan of halwa, i've always felt it's tooo sweet and oily, and it's also a tedious job in the making....stirring and stirring till my hands fall apart :(  
     But my perspective in halwa's taste and it's preparation soon changed, after tasting her creamy halwa. It tasted so good....not very sweet and it was not dripping oil. She gave me the recipe too...easy to make and good to eat. Thanks Sasikala :)
2 cups                      grated carrots
4 - 6 cups                 whole milk
1/2 cup                     sugar
3 tbs                         ghee/ melted butter
1 tbs                         oil
1/2 tsp                      cardomom powder
1/4 cup                     finely chopped nuts
1/2 cup                     mava/khoya or scraped paneer (optional)
1.  Heat oil + 1tbs ghee in a pan and fry chopped nuts till crisp, remove it from the pan and keep it aside.
2.  Put scraped carrots in the same pan and fry it in the remaining oil in the pan, for few mins.
3. Add milk to the pan (carrots must be fully covered fully in milk), when milk starts to boil, lower the heat and let it cook till the mixture becomes dry.
4. Add sugar, ghee, nuts and mava/paneer stirring in between each addition. Garnish it with more chopped nuts and serve it warm :)